Bible for Android Phone / Tablet


If you are looking for Holy Bible to installed in your Android phone/tablet, this one may be very useful for you.

• Bookmarks organizable with labels and colors
• Annotations/notes and color highlighters
• Go to verse directly by typing verse address
• Additional versions (KJV, BIS, Batak Toba, Chinese, Japanese, Romanian)
• Reads PDB PalmBible+ PDB files for additional versions
• Multiword & exact-phrase search
• Psalm indentations
• Section headings & Parallel verses
• Backup/restore bookmarks, notes, and highlights
• Customizable colors & fonts
• History of recent verses (long-press verse address button)
• Devotion

To create bookmarks, write notes, copy/share and highlight verses, tap the verses to select them, then click on the drop-down button that appears.

Deuterocanonical books are not included in this app, except if you add them manually from PDB files.

Download in Play Store : Alkitab by Yuku.

Visit their website at for updates and more information! Also circle our Google+ page: +Bible for Android.

If you are blessed by this app, you can give a donation here: . Thanks!


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