Seminar : Adopted into God’s family – A Neglected Metaphor Today

Kami mengundang jemaat sekalian untuk hadir dalam SEMINAR bertema:
“Adopted into God’s Family : A Neglected Metaphor Today”

The relationship between God and his people is understood in various ways by the biblical writers, and it is arguably the apostle Paul who uses the richest vocabulary. For example, many know of the great Reformation doctrine justification by faith (e.g. Rom. 4:25). But how many have heard or another related (but distinct) Pauline expression, ‘adoption’? Paul is the only biblical writer to use this term and does so on five occasions in three of his letters (Gal. 4:5; Rom 8:15, 23, 9:4; Eph. 1:5).

Seminar Prof Trevor Burke Phd photo seminarokt2015_zpsjsokzegw.jpg

During this seminar, we will link at how this expression has sometimes been (miss)-understood; examine the background/s to adoption; consider the roles of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; discuss the moral implications of being an adopted son; and conclude by looking at the importance which being adopted into God’s new family has for how we do/be church today.

by Prof. Trevor Burke, Ph.D.
Friday, 23 October 2015, 19.30 pm

Trevor Burke was until recently Professor of Bible (New Testament and Greek) at the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, USA, where he served for almost ten years. He had previously taught New Testament and Greek in seminaries in Nigeria, Fiji, and Wales. He earned his MPhil under Dr. M.E. Thrall (Wales) and a PhD in New Testament (specialisation in Paul) under Prof. John M. G. Barclay at the University of Glasgow, Scotland.

He has published articles in a number of academic journals including, Novum Testamentum, Tyndale Bulletin, Irish Biblical Studies and the Evangelical Quarterly. His published books include Adopted into God’s Family: Exploring a Pauline Metaphor (ed. D. A. Carson, NSBT, 22; Apollos, 2006) — currently being translated into Italian—Family Matters: A Socio-Historical Study of Kinship Metaphors in 1 Thessalonians (JSNTS, 247; London: T & T Clark, 2003), and The Message of Sonship: At Home in God’s Household (BSTT; Nottingham: Inter-Varsity Press), which is currently being translated into Mandarin. He is also a contributory co-editor of a number of international collections of essays, including Paul and the Corinthians: Studies on a Community in Conflict: Essays in Honour of Margaret Thrall (Leiden: Brill, 2003), Paul as Missionary: Identity, Activity, Theology and Practice (LNTS, 420; London: T & T Clark, 2011), and A Biblical Theology of the Holy Spirit (London: SPCK, 2014).

He is currently writing a monograph on the apostle Paul and is co-editing a volume (with Brian Rosner) entitled Paul as Pastor, to which he is contributing an essay on Thessalonians (forthcoming in 2016). He has formally trained for pastoral ministry and has preached in many churches in different continents and has also served as a pastor.

Tempat : Sekretariat Reformed Evangelical Church (Singapore)
The Alexcier #03-05, 237 Alexandra Road, S’159929
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